My New Nonstick Cookware!

I love brunch!!! So any Sunday morning that does not involve going to see my niece or nephew play some athletic event is reserved for Brunch! Mike had another 60-hour work week, so I decided to cook and let him sleep in. We were running a little short on groceries – so what does a girl do??? Frittata!!

I started to reach for my trusty cast iron pan – but then thought again. Eggs and cast iron are such a pain to clean!!! I needed some good non stick cookware set. I grabbed my Scanpan CTQ – nothing sticks to this thing!!! Any piece by Scanpan is going to be good. However, I like the CTQ line for several reasons: you can use it on any cooktop (including induction), it’s dishwasher safe, the riveted steel handle stays cool, and it can handle extreme heat. Mike uses it under the broiler for steaks! (Maybe I’ll suggest that for dinner tonight!) The weight of the skillet is heavy enough to know that you have a good quality piece without being too heavy! I can still manage the skillet, loaded with Frittata, in one hand.

The Best Non Stick Cookware for Your Home

I really watch how much fat creeps into our diet. This skillet doesn’t really even require cooking spray! Nothing sticks to this baby! Everything just slides right out – even after repeated dishwasher use. Although I still can’t figure out why Mike puts it in the dishwasher – you can literally wipe it with a paper towel and it is ready to go! Well… the inside of the skillet is ready to go. That brings me to the ONE thing that I don’t like about the skillet. While the inside is non-stick and dark; the outside is brushed stainless. Ours presently looks like it may have been salvaged from a fire! Ah well, a little baking soda and salt, and she’ll be shining once again! I could do that now – but I think I’ll pour the Mimosas instead!

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