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Mostly each and every one of us know what a kitchen knife is and how it works. But not everyone has the exact idea on how to handle the kitchen knife properly. The mentality that we as humans have is that kitchen knives are just something that helps us cut the ingredients we want, like our fruits and vegetables. It’s just like any other device that we have. But isn’t the kitchen knife worth more than that? Kitchen knives are a chef’s best friend. And there might also be times where the knives are not used in the proper way. In choosing a kitchen knife, you should first read  the best kitchen knife set reviews before you make any purchase to ensure that you’re selecting the right one.

First and foremost, do you know who is the knife’s best friend? It is the chopping board. The chopping boards we use are as important as the knives we use. Have you been using the right chopping boards? Do you know the best chopping board to use while cutting your ingredients? Plastic boards, wooden boards and bamboo boards are among the best chopping boards to use. These type of boards are not too hard and they don’t bring harm to your knives. Boards that you should refrain yourself from are ceramic boards, stone boards and metal boards as it will damage your knife and ruin the sharpness of it. The surfaces of this boards are hard hence bringing harm to the knives you are using.

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When I say knives are a chef’s best friend, I also mean that it should be everyone’s best friend. When you are choosing a knife, choose a knife that you feel comfortable with. Not everyone is comfortable with using the same knife. Everyone has their own touch to the knives they use. The best knife I use for myself most certainly do not have to be the same for someone close to me or even my mother. That is because each of us have our own grip on the knives we use. With that said, it is quite advisable that before purchasing a knife, you test it first to feel the grip and fit.

Who said blunt knives are better and not harmful? Blunt knives are way dangerous than sharp ones in a way. That is because when your knives are sharp you actually cut yourself lesser as you don’t need to put in full force to cut something and waste so much energy on it. Sharp knives do not need you to put in too much energy compared to blunt knives as when you are cutting you won’t exactly know the direction of the knife and it may slip and hurt you.

For your own safety, after using the knife, place it in the place it is supposed to be in, for example the knife drawer or the knife block and not into the sink especially if you have soapy waters in there or else you will be ending up with a sliced finger or you could even hurt your hand. So, use the knife, wash it, dry it and place it in a safe place where it does not bring harm to you are our loved ones. Learn the correct way to use the knife and the proper technique for your own safety. The most common mistake that people do is hold the things we are cutting with our fingers resting freely on the ingredients. That is not right. Use the knuckles of your finger to help you grip your ingredients. Fold your fingers under and use your knuckles to help you while you are cutting. It is better to hurt your knuckle a little rather than cutting off your finger don’t you think!

Last but not least, how do you buy your knives? Easy. Go to a shop that sells knives, choose the one you want, hold it, compare the grip and how comfortable you are with the knives and the ones you feel is the one is the knife that suits you. Never op for set knives. Yes, it may be in a set and it may be cheap or cool to have a set of knives but not all of those knives in the set will have the perfect grip for you and it may not be the knife you are comfortable using. Apart from that, always remember to have your own space when you are cutting something. Clear the area you are going to use to cut your ingredients and remove unnecessary items from there. That way, you can secure your safety and not have a messed up chopping area.

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