Why I Love Budget Espresso Machine

When people suggest me to go for a costly coffee brewer, I tell them that I have a number of reasons why I love budget espresso machines. Number one is the obvious: I am on a budget. I cannot afford to spend more on my coffee. So it is all about sticking to your financial agenda.

Buying Options

The reason number two is that there are enough buying options available in the market. There are good models of reputed brands. One will get at least ten very good options to compare and decide. Then why spend more money on an espresso machine?

best espresso

Quality of Coffee

A major reason is that the taste of coffee does not come from the machine I use but the quality of coffee. No matter how expensive the machine is it cannot make a good cup of coffee out of low-quality beans. So whether one goes for a budget espresso machine or its money-grubbing cousin, the taste of the coffee remains almost the same.

Temperature Consistency

The fourth reason is that I have already invested on a well-performing grinder which does half the job. So all I want my espresso machine to do for me is to offer me temperature consistency. There are machines that are really good at that and they fit into my budget. I do not really need an expensive machine which offers the best grinder because I do not want a grinder at the first place.

It is true that most budget espresso machines have single boilers and that leads to an increase in waiting time, but what people call an inconvenience is not really so. It just needs a little patience and planning which I already have. On the whole, I do not want an expensive machine to brew my coffee, because I know it will pinch me financially and then I may start hating my coffee mug that I want to be eternally in love with.

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